Chile 2006: La Serena & Santiago

La Serena, unveiling of the Trail of Magic Flowers. The official unveiling of El Camino de las Floras (Trail of Magic Flowers) in front of the Gabriela Mistral School: Raúl Saldivar, mayor of La Serena; Jaime Pozo, rector of the University of La Serena; Marcelo Díaz, member of parliament; Antoine Martinez, mayor of Bédarieux; Patrick Flot, First Counselor, French Embassy in Chile.

The Magic Flowers run from the sea, across the city of La Serena, to the Gabriela Mistral School – where she taught. Twelve flowers form a trail down the main street, the town hall, the high school, and the central square (Plaza Tenri), where it ends. City officials view this sculpture path as a new way to incorporate modern art in public spaces while respecting the colonial style of the town’s historic quarter.
A special day of art activities was organized to coincide with the unveiling.

Federica Matta met children from the city’s 45 schools, who participated in the event by creating their own magic flowers.

Kakemonos at the Santiago Library
Exhibition of Kakemonos by Federica Matta in homage to Gabriela Mistral, organized by the Santiago Library with support from the Conseil Général de l’Hérault and the City of La Serena. Federica with children from the Gabriela Mistral School in Santiago. Mr. Boudon from the French Embassy in Chile; Antoine Martinez, Mayor of Bédarieux; and Oscar Vasquez, Head of Cultural Management at the Santiago Library.

For the unveiling, the Library and Odette Michel organized workshops for children, inspired by Federica Matta’s “Eye Games” and Gabriela Mistral’s poetry. Matta with Carmen Waugh, director of the Salvador Allende Museum of Solidarity, where Federica had a show in 2001; Tito Gonzalez, director of the Viña del Mar Cultural Center; and Maria José Fontecilla.

Federica Matta’s Kakemonos at the Santiago Library greeted President Michel Bachelet during a ceremony to receive the report of a presidential commission on revamping policies aimed at children.

In Santiago, Plaza Brasil continues to evolve.

Inspired by Federica Matta’s drawings in homage to Gabriela Mistral, Luis Guerra and Hernán Aguilera devised an installation of painted-wood sculptures for the Pedro Aguirre Cerda health clinic in La Serena.

Federico & Federica…

The opening of the Ojo con la Memoria exhibition in homage to Federico García-Lorca at the Viña del Mar Cultural Center. Tito Gonzalez, Federica Matta and Antoine Martinez.
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