The Caravan of Poets

Iran, 2005

Following an initial trip to Iran with Nahal Tajadod in March 2005 to prepare a book on Rumi, Federica returned to Teheran, Isfahan,
Shar-e-Kord,Shiraz, and Firuzabad from April 30 to May 5, 2005.

Her itinerary was followed the Caravan of Poets, where French poets met Iranian poets to discuss the endless realm of translation and to recite poetry with people of the towns and countryside of Iran.

Federica and the Kanoon Association made 3-meter kakemonos drawn by Federica, with verses by French and Persian poets, each translated into the other language. These banners fluttered in the wind everywhere the caravan passed. The Kanoon Association gave children the desire and means to make kakemonos with their own poems. Kanoon is a governmental organization founded 1965 to stimulate the artistic talent and creative potential of children and young adults. Kanoon also promotes cultural cooperation in the spheres of cinema, theater, educational toys, and so on.

This adventure was a first stage of joint encounter between poetry, children, and Federica. The next stage will take place in October 2005 in the city of Shiraz.

Nahal Tajadod, the author of several history books, is a researcher with France’s Centre National de Recherche Scientifique.In 2004 she published a novel, Roumi le Brûlé (Paris: Éditions Jean-Claude Lattès), which recounts the terrific passion that turned a theologian into the famous poet of love—Rumi—who penned some of the finest pages of Persian and world literature.

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