The Nomadic Worlds of Federica Matta
Submarine Base of Bordeaux, May 15th - July 8th, 2012.

The submarine Base of Bordeaux, space with a surface area of 43 000 m ², scattered with alveoli and eaten away by the painful past of the German occupation welcomed during several weeks the radiant works of Federica Matta during the exhibition "The Nomadic Worlds of Federica Matta"...

Curated by Danièle Martinez, the exhibition structured around the past and recent realizations of Federica Matta, offered to the spectator a unique sensory and poetic experience, given rhythm by the mesmerizing lines of the presented works. Fantastic and mythical creatures, forests of strength and fire, totems of enjoyment and memory were gathered to allow the spectator, young or older, to investigate the various artistic universes of Federica Matta...

Discover the exhibition filmed by the Mollat bookshop of Bordeaux (in French):

For further information concerning the exhibition, consult the press pack.

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