Federica Matta and the pupils of the Arthur Rimbaud junior high-school of Montpellier

The work of the Arthur Rimbaud junior high school's pupils of Montpellier with Federica has been developed in 2007-2008 by a tutoring program between pupils. This is more than a hundred pupils that are now participating to this project.

The Pearls of Dragons

“Only what you give remains yours”. This year, René Char's maxim has inspired a tutoring program. the pupils who participated last year with Federica to this project become tutors and, successively, form and realize some playgrounds in partnership with a 6th grade class. The artistic opening and the focusing technics gained the first year are imparted to new pupils.
In order to encourage the dialog between children and poetry, Federica invited Dominique de Villepin to come and speak about Rimbaud and his poems which open for us some territories where we can recognize ourselves in. The pupils talked to him about their ideas and their projects for the dragon.

Parallel to the work in class, a reflection has been developed with Marie Saurat, artist and arts teacher, to invent a new space of creativity at the heart of the school. Taking up the idea of Françoise Fiol, French teacher, to install some games in the schoolyard, we worked with the pupils on the theme of the dream and a dreamlike elsewhere. We talked about it with the pupils and they said to us that they were too old to play, but that we could create a "Being" who would symbolise what "we want to say". The pupils wanted to represent the school's spirit and they chose the dragon.

The Pearls of Dragons are the messages that every child can master, develop and impart. Thanks to these pearls, we can explore and change our visions of the world. As last year, the work with the children has been the subject of an exhibition, Orage-Mirage, The Pearls of Dragons (at the Chapelle du Verbe Incarné, Avignon, France).
The dragon is the Arthur Rimbaud junior high-school's ambassador, he carries its dreams and utopias.
The dragon is our confidant. He welcomes us and leads us to knowledge.
He is words and images, our intuition and our rationality.
He shows us how to make our both intelligences communicate.
This is a dragon who looks after the school and gives his voice to everyone.
He protects our secrets and helps us to express them when it is needed to grow up.

… the dragon
in the courtyard…
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