In Montpellier from May, 5 to June, 29 2007

"By multiplying the sentence of Goethe "I have never stopped learning to read" with the one of Edouard Glissant "We are all cold from the same beauty", I imagine the Galerie d'O as a common space for everyone, whatever are our ages and our cultures, where each of us can be, feel, go from forms to colors to create in itself an imaginary travel journal, where he finds, recognizes, expands and spaces himself in freedom of speech and emotions."


Carnet de Voyage imaginaire Livre Unique Livre des Questions

During the academic year 2006-2007

By using the path of the emotional acupuncture on René Char's steps "Only what you give remains yours", the Hérault's children and Federica explored for one year the ways of poetry and images to make them see their inner worlds.

Every child appropriates one of Federica's proposals to create the piece showed at the Galerie d'O and to give to in turns to the following pupils what he learned in the framework of the tutoring program of the Conseil Général de l'Hérault.

Les enfants font de l'art avec Federica


More details on this work in this Presse pack (in PDF 2M)



enfants et kakemonos
filles et leurs kakemonos

carnet de voyage

Thanks to the children and teachers of the Arthur Rimbaud, Las Cazes, Les Escholiers and Les Garrigues junior high-schools...

Merci aux enfants!

Thanks to the Galerie d'O.
Thanks to the elves and the imps of the Conseil Général of l'Hérault.
Thanks to Odette Michel and Georges Bonan.


Federica Matta et Rumi

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