Imaginary Journeys
Submarine Base of Bordeaux, Bordeaux, 2011-2012

In this school year 2011-2012, Federica Matta was invited by the submarine Base of Bordeaux to participate in a program of artistic eduction within 14 classes of five schools and junior high schools of Bordeaux: Albert Schweitzer, Auguste Blanqui, Charles Martin, Edouard Vaillant and Dupaty. Inspired by the work and by the artistic approach of Federica Matta, the project "Imaginary Journeys" aimed at bringing the participating classes to develop their imagination and their sensibility in literary and artistic fields.

Associated with the educational program, "Imaginary Journeys" allowed the children of the Bacalan and the Grand Parc schools to link their reflections and plastic realizations to their other scholastic disciplines.

Beyond the program, classes were gathered together around a common objective: the exhibition of the children's productions in the alcoves of the submarine Base beside the personal exhibition of Federica Matta: "The Nomadic Worlds of Federica Matta".

Seven working themes were then defined according to the educational criteria of the participating classes and the work of Federica Matta: the Mandala of the Chamanimaux (Dupaty school, 1st years of primary school, 2nd year of primary school and 4th year of primary school), the Dice of the language (Charles Martin school, 1st years of primary school and 2nd year of primary school), the Words of the poetry (Charles Martin school, 5th year of primary school), Stories and journeys of the Siren (Albert Schweitzer school, 2nd years of primary school and 4th year of primary school), The Tree with Poems (Edouard Vaillant junior high school, classes of newcomers), Alphabet primer of the Slavery (Edouard Vaillant junior high school, class of 4 °) and The Mother of Fishes (Blanqui middle school, classes of 5 ° and 6 °).

One week a month, from September, 2011 till May, 2012, Federica Matta joined the pupils and their professors to guide them in the realization of their artistic productions.

The exhibition at the submarine Base of Bordeaux took place from May 15th till June 25th, 2012 and was inaugurated in the presence of the pupils, professors, Federica Matta and of the mayor of Bordeaux, Mr. Alain Juppé.

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